Event T-Shirts From The Race That NEVER Happened

Posted: 6-15-2015

Many people have no clue of what it takes to put on an event. Myself, I am not well educated on the subject, but if I put pen to paper and started putting down all the things that are required to put on event, I can imagine the cost is quite expensive.

With that being said, the CHBA incurred a huge bill for "the race that never happened" down in central California at Lake McSwain. Dave Lipinski stuck his neck out to get this event to go, and did everything that he knew to make it happen, but for unforeseen reasons, the event was terminated and he had all of those expenses, even though he never made a dime.

Show your support and purchase and event t-shirt that were made in order to help offset some of the costs that were not recovered had the event gone on as scheduled. The shirts are $19.99 + $3.00/S&H, and when you order you will receive a free CHBA Member Decal. You can purchase by credit card by contacting Ginger at 541-923-2323

Whiskey River II Cornhole Boards

Posted: 6-8-2015

One of our customers and great sponsor for the Whiskey River II fueler, Don Vincent put these beautiful Cornhole game boards together with one of our prints and our custom graphic work. It is awesome when individuals like this step up and sponsor these teams. They are an important part of our sport and we wouldn't be able to see these guys race without them. Thanks for supporting Dragboats.com Don by purchasing prints from us. We sure appreciate it. Interested in some of these, we can do the prints with any picture that we have on Dragboats.com.

Western Shootout unexpectedly gets cancelled

Posted: 6-1-2015

After about 14 hours in the car, I returned back to the Dragboats.com headquarters with NO pictures from the Western Shootout that was scheduled to commence this past weekend. Hearing all the hype and all the expectation, I figured this was going to be the start of a great history for racing in California again. Located about 30 miles from HWY 99 in the foothills of the Sierras, Lake McSwain is a very nice facility, and upon seen the course and the shore, I was blown away! Wow does this track have some potential. A huge credit should go to Dave Lipinski for getting this venue recognized for a potential race. Dave ran a test run of this facility last fall and it showed some real promise, and the Merced Irrigation District and park loved them so they wanted to host an actual race. Well that came to fruition when Lipinski got this event slated to run with the CDBA, and Lucas Oil Division I. The venue has lots of parking, pits and spectator area. I was so excited to shoot pictures at this venue, but all was not good.

In theory, all the ducks were in a row. Rescue team members from other associations were going to be performing the rescue duties and the course was set (although there were some logistical issues on Saturday morning due to depth of the lake, etc). The Rescue team were going to use the boats provided by the CHBA but that is where the issues started. Apparently the rescue personnel were not satisfied with the boats that were provided and that they felt they could not perform their function to the best of their ability with them. At that point, on Friday afternoon, Mike DeClark and several other NJBA racers/board members stuck their neck out and drove all the way back to Bakersfield to pick up the NJBA rescue boats so that the event would fly. After a 12 hour turnaround, the NJBA boats arrived at the track ready for action.......or so we thought. There was a problem with using boats for rescue that were not on the insurance rider for the event, and the powers that be (only who knows who that is), said NO GO! At this point, probably 80 boat racers, crews, and well over a 1000 fans, and vendors were told that the event was officially shut down!

What a horrible thing to happen to an event that had such potential. There was a lot of work and a lot of money put in to get this event off the ground. We can all piss and whine about it and blame someone, but the bottom line is, drag boat racing lost out on this deal. People may want to point the finger at Dave, or the Rescue team, or Lucas Oil, or whoever, but it won't do any good. Let's all make a collaborative effort to help this venue get an event. Don't point fingers, lets try to figure out how we can make sure this doesn't happen again at another site.

If there is a silver lining in this whole mess. Lake McSwain is a very viable option for hosting an event, even a national event. Ken Dollar was at the event, and even though not one boat went down the course, it showed that it is a viable option for California who is in dire need of an event after losing Chowchilla and Red Bluff in recent years. I hope and pray that the naysayers just keep their mouths shut and support the bigger picture. Just my two cents.........

ENGINES || Michael Welsh - ANAHEIM, CA - (714) 501-1427 Cell || - (714) 632-3084 Work

This ad has been seen (2152) times and detail pictures have been accessed (16) since being placed.

Click Image To See Full Size Version This longblock has only seen 3 easy passes since it was built by Jim Schewbert. The KB block itself was brand new before this build, and only has those 3 passes on it. The same is true for the rest of the longblock with the exception of the heads, manifold and crankshaft. Some specifics below: 4.310" x 4.5" 526cid

Available with or without the boat zoomies and starter mount.

  • Brand new .100 tall deck KB block
  • velasco 4.5" keyed crank
  • GRP rods
  • custom Arias pistons
  • custom ground Crower cam
  • stage V rockers
  • Manton Pushrods
  • Keith black oil pump
  • Mallory Supermag II, rebuilt by Don Zig Magnetos with PSI rev limiter
  • Mallory Coil
  • -Taylor plug wires
  • fresh mag Mooneyham hi-helix 14-71
  • mag RCD belt tensioner and idler pulley
  • BNR cam drive

two hats available- an Enderle Big and Ugly or a magnesium Buzzard Catcher.
Spares available: 2 extra pistons, some pushrods, Mallory supermag II never used
since rebuild, hillborn fuel pump, two enderle 110 fuel pumps...

The longblock is also available without the blower, hat, and ignition.

Longblock with no blower and hat- $19,000 OBO. longblock with blower and hat- $24,000 OBO

More pictures and information available upon request. Mike cell: 714 501 1427 email: mwracing02@aol.com

Problem Child Takes 2011 World Finals Win

Daryl "Madd Maxx" Ehrlich notches yet another win behind the wheel of "Fast" Eddie Knox's "Problem Child" TFH. All 8 candles lit during a near perfect lap.

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